Buddhism Forest Sangha Rituals and Observances

Updated 26th April 2013

Theravada Buddhist Rituals and Observances of The Forest Sangha are given in this booklet.

Buddhist Rituals and Observances: Based upon talks given at Cittaviveka by Ajahns Sucitto and Candasiri. Compiled by Barry Durrant. (Great Gaddesden Hertfordshire, Amaravati Publications, 2001.) (ISBN 1-870205-15-4)

Available on the Amaravati website http://www.amaravati.org/



Devotional Practices

Buddha Images
Earth-touching Mudra
Abhaya Mudra
Dhammacakka Mudra
Caring for Buddha Images

Offering to a Shrine
Caring for a Shrine

Arranging Images in Creating a Stupa
Circumambulating a Stupa

Relating to Devotional Images
Making Anjali

Offerings to the Sangha
Receiving or Handling Money
Tradition, Form, and Relationships
Role of Samanas

Rites of Passage
Births, Marriages, and House Blessings
Funeral Ceremonies
Memorial Ceremonies after the Funeral
Readings for Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies

Public Festivals
Three Principal Festivals
Ka†hina Festival
Uposatha Observances