Christianity Firefighters Prayer

Updated 7th June 2013

Submitted by Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke President of WCF World Congress of Faiths.

Whenever we are called to serve you, Lord,
Wherever fires rage, or folk are trapped,
give us strength to save a life, whoever it may be.
Help us to rescue a little child before it is too late,
or to save an older person too frail to escape.
Enable us to be alert and hear the weakest cry
or quickly and efficiently put fires out.
We want to fulfil our calling, Lord
to serve our neighbours in their need.
If one of us should fall and lose our life,
then bless with your all-embracing love
those who are dearest to us.
We ask all this trusting in Jesus Christ.


Marcus Braybrooke, 1000 World Prayers. Alfresford Hampshire, 0 Books John Hunt Publishing, 2003. (ISBN 1-903816-17-3), page 206.