MF&RS Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service UK

Updated 2nd June 2014

Submitted by Vicky Campbell, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Partnership, Service Plan & Project Support

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (MF&RS) has 1156 staff including Operational, control, Support Staff, Advocates and Protection and Prevention staff. To support provide staff with a greater understanding of different faiths cultures and beliefs, MF&RS has produced a Booklet called Reaching All Communities on Merseyside, An Intentional Inclusion Strategy.

This booklet has been produced to provide guidance and understanding the principal minority communities on Merseyside, as identified in the 2001 census. MF&RS is committed to a strategy of intentional inclusion to ensure that everyone benefits form the service we provide.

The guide aims to increase staff awareness, so that the highest quality of service can be offered, with heightened sensitivity and perception and by providing some practical experience. It includes information about main cultures and different communities in Merseyside, including African-Caribbean, Polish, Muslims, and people with a disability.

All of our staff receive training in Equality and Diversity, as it is embedded in all our key training packages these include the recent Home Fire Safety Check refresher courses, and the Safeguarding and Hate Crime Training.

MFRS has a dedicated Quiet Room at Service Headquarters, there is also a provision for staff on station to undertake their religious observances, especially during significant festivals.

MF&RS have a Service Chaplain and Bridging team, to provide both MF&RS staff, their families and members of the public with spiritual support. As the Chaplain in provided to the Authority by the Diocese of Liverpool, as an ordained Church of England minister this role is available to those members of staff or public who consider themselves Christians of any denomination. For members of other Faith Groups the Chaplain will refer them to their own spiritual leaders but will still be available to them for any other assistance that they may require. The Chaplain or Bridging Team is available for both individual or collective support, for Pastoral Care, Health and Wellbeing, support for service staffs families and operational support at All serious Road Traffic Collisions, all incidents involving multiple casualties and all incidents involving 5 or more appliances

As an organization we offer our staff the opportunity of Self-roistering, and flexible working, to help support staff with their work life balance.

MF&RA has published a dedicated Diversity Events calendar to help provide staff with information about upcoming key events, including religious festival such as Ramadan, Passover and Diwali. We have also included key days of interest and campaigns such as MF&RS Fire Safety Week, International Day of the Disabled and International Women’s Day.