TRiM Trauma Risk Management

Updated 11th June 2014

Submitted by Kirstin Hay Business Development and Marketing Executive,March on Stress

What is TRiM?

TRiM, or Trauma Risk Management, is a trauma-focused peer support system. The TRiM model bases itself on keeping employees functioning after traumatic events by providing support and education to those who require it. TRiM Practitioners do not require any specialist medical or psychological expertise, but are trained to identify those who are having difficulty coping after traumatic events and ensure they are signposted to the appropriate sources of help.

TRiM empowers organisations to discharge their duty of care while promoting a proactive and resilient stance to the effects of potentially traumatic events and other operational stressors.

TRiM is also a NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) compliant model of psychological support.

TRiM and the fire service

TRiM is used by a number of fire and rescue services around the UK, as well as by many police and ambulance services, to support their people. TRiM works particularly well for the emergency service due to the serious and high impact nature of the incidents that their personnel are routinely exposed to. A scientific study of the use of TRiM in Cumbria Police, following a serious and traumatic incident there in 2010, showed that the use of TRiM helped to support staff and had a positive effect on sickness and absence rates. Its success has also been documented in many other pieces of research.

March on Stress

March on Stress is the UK’s leading provider of TRiM training – with unrivalled academic and operational expertise and experience led by Professor Neil Greenberg. Professor Greenberg is an academic, occupational, and clinical psychiatrist who has been at the forefront of developing peer-led traumatic stress support packages since 1997. He is also President of the UK Psychological Trauma Society.

March on Stress is also the only provider to offer the opportunity to achieve a BTEC Trauma Management qualification with our courses. For more information about our training and service please visit

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