Unitarian Universalist Prayers

Updated 5th April 2016


Unitarian Universalist Prayers

Submitted by Rev. Dr. Susan Suchocki Brown, Chaplain Leominster Fire Department, and Unitarian minister at First Church UU Unitarian Universalist in Leominster, Massachusetts USA.



Prayers for tough time in a community


God in time and God of timelessness. We have gathered to honor, to remember, to pray, to sing, to hear words that will bind us together in one whole community. May the emotions of this day lead to deeper healing and lessened hurt and pain. May anyone who has had their heart and soul torn asunder anew today turn to family, friend, clergy or counselor for healing and help. May our sharing of time, love and story bring strength to this world which moans in despair to feel the love that is felt here. Bring that love with you out into the world now and may the God of your understanding be with you. Amen, Shalom, Blessed be.



Closing: of a Civic Ceremony to remember an event


Once again we have gathered in this solemn ceremony to remember. Remembering is putting back together faces and name, acts and thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Remembering is recalling the higher purposes, the greater meaning and the grander visions.


Remembering is too overwhelming to do alone, the memories, the recall too real, too sad so we gather together. We gather with others and we ask the God of our understanding to attend with us and attend to one another.


May the knowledge that around this great world, across this great country and perhaps even in the city or town next to us our brother and sisters, family and friends have gathered also, give us new purpose and meaning.


The meaning of our life, of our existence, and of our purposes can be reaffirmed by remembering the best that was in others – the laughter and the joys, and the caring touch. Yes even remembering the not so great, the harsh words, the tears, the struggles, these memories too can give us meaning and purpose.


May the memories evoked here today heal and not harm, strengthen and not weaken, and may they fill us with more resolve and courage and wisdom and compassion. May your remembering be gentle and caring and loving and full of God’s compassion.


May God bless us, our families, this city and all its citizens today and evermore. So Be it.



Meet me at the water’s edge

Meet me at the water’s edge Where stones roll And shells stand And feathers flip Around In the wind And the spindrift Temporarily blinds me To sight And Sound becomes the way to know The beauty of this life Laughing gulls, soaring Lasing waves, soaking And soothing And promising Change.

Nantasket Beach August 18, 2010